Santa Fe

The tiny Santa Fe airport is an adobe house! How do you like that?! :)


Streets of Santa Fe, they look different :)


Keep Contemporary gallery moved to this downtown location pretty recently, and is known for showing edgier and more LA type of art compared to most others. 



Inside Keep Contemporary  


Panoramic view of the wall. As for me, I’m seriously in love with this quilted geometrical piece on the right.


Making Lemonade was the piece in the show. 


And it started snowing at night...  which prompted me to enter Chris Roberts- Antieau gallery. It was really impressive!


Canyon Road is full of great art!


Bandelier Monument National Park proved to be fascinating. 


It was a really wonderful weekend full of new connections and great impressions.

Mexico 2019

It was so amazing to visit Mexico again! This time in the state of Nayarit, a place I’d never visited on my previous trips through Mexico before. I was so excited! We flew into Puerta Vallarta and went up the coast to the little village of Sayulita. A gorgeous place on Earth, blessed with constant ocean surf and jungle all around.

Playa Los Muertos

Playa Los Muertos


Sayulita is small and very colorful. The new buildings come with humungous murals on them in a variety of styles. It was very inspiring to see.


Finding food with dietary restrictions can be a tough challenge in Mexico, but it’s not so bad in Sayulita. We can be thankful to the Californian hipsters who came before us, I guess :)


Surfing is one of the biggest things in Sayulita, along with art.


As are traditional ceremonies. We got lucky to see and hear some of the local festivities and a Sunday mass.


I’m so grateful that this little paradise exists within a 4hr flying distance to Northern California. Just what I needed to shake off that winter blues :) I also really love Mexican humor about the political climate.


Fond memories of Mexico

Today I'm feeling nostalgic about the time I spent painting in Chapala, Mexico. It was a really amazing month! I made several paintings during that time on loose canvas, then rolled the paintings up and brought them back to California. After I stretched and framed this one back in SF, I had a show at Torpedo Sushi on Broadway in Oakland. While hanging the show, I stroke up a conversation with a guy eating his dinner at a table. He went on to buy two of the paintings I hung up that night. But here on the video I'm just finishing it up :) 

artist residency

Life Drawing at Studios 11

It happened! After a long period of wanting to do a life drawing session, Studios 11 invited a beautiful model, showed up in solid numbers and dedicated 3 hours of studio time to sketching a nude. The experience was refreshing! Despite that figurative work has never been my big focus, I find the practice of great value to develop drawing skills.


I decided to experiment a bit with Yupo paper, oil pastels and ink pens and indulged myself in the interior just as much as the figure.


Volume and some work with color.


A very literal spacial sketch.


After establishing spacial relationships in the above sketch it was easy to come up with this next one.


The session was enjoyed by everybody and will definitely become a recurring occasion.