June show

The June show was the winner. First and foremost thanks to the lovely people who showed up to the opening! I'm deeply grateful to my amazing friends and studio mates for making it so special! Besides, I felt satisfied with the content and quality of my recent work and great conversation that started around it.


This piece was in the show and very dear to me, therefore ultimately exceptionally good for practicing non-attachment :) It got acquired several days after the opening and suddenly flew away to the country of Georgia, which is a big honor for me. I hope it brings many joyful moments to those around it.

And here are a few pictures from the show.


I filled our horizontal display with personal artifacts, drawings and trinkets, which was super fun. There was my favorite portrait of my mom mixed in with my self-portrait as Van Gogh (with one ear covered by bandages), a rainbow flag, a painting of naked but masked Pussy Riot girls doing an Henri Matisse's dance, a Flow Kana lamp i fused, a painting of me smoking a doobie and skyping with my brother etc... Each gave a glimpse of my personality and told a little story.


In this photo you can see a 2006 ticket to a Depeche mode show in St Petersburg Russia that I never used. Didn't have to, because I won one on the radio. Along with meet and greet with the band before the show and CD of the album they then released. This ticket was a coveted commodity there at the time but I failed to sell it, for until the very moment i got access to backstage, I wasn't buying that my childhood dream was coming true ;)  This ticket reminds me that wildest dreams come true in this magical universe in most unexpected ways.